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Crime Gun Intelligence Technologies

CGIT Gunshot Geolocation System is ready to help target violent crime in your city. It is transportable technology trusted to perform under the harshest of conditions.

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Law enforcement

CGIT believes that investigations are driven by the collection and analysis of information.

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Security Application

CGIT can scale to meet the needs of the transportation hub by deploying a network of sensors in the area of coverage.

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CGIT can provide actionable leads to identify “trigger pullers”, thereby, decreasing shooting activity in that area.

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CGIT can provide actionable leads to identify “trigger pullers”, thereby, decreasing shooting activity in that area.

Our technology

Trusted – Transportable - Targeted

Crime Gun Intelligence Technologies (CGIT) utilizes a series of inconspicuous sensors that are networked together within a given geographic area that provides the capability to triangulate the location of a suspected shooting event.

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Knowledge is power to act & prevent

The Crime Gun Intelligence Center (CGIC)

The Crime Gun Intelligence Center (CGIC) concept utilizes an interagency collaboration that focuses on the collection, management, and analysis of crime gun data. CGIC utilizes the most innovative front-end lead generating technologies, such as the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN); gunshot detection/geolocation systems; the crime gun recovery tracing system and other forensic methods to link crimes, firearms, and suspects.

The CGIC initiative advocates that these technologies are used in a comprehensive and systematic approach which provides a path to rapid exploitation of firearm ballistics which can assist law enforcement efforts in identifying “Criminal Trigger Pullers” and prevent additional shootings.

How it works

Real-time detection

When a potential gunshot is detected, an alert is generated. The CGIT system allows for police department personnel (e.g. dispatcher, first line supervisor, etc.) to monitor and evaluate every gunshot alert in real-time. Should the authorized evaluator tag the alert as a gunfire, a “patrol review” of the alert is automatically generated and police units are dispatched to the scene

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Web Interface Audio Files

Web Interface Multi -Shot Event Assessment Screen

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The CGIT technology is an accurate, cost-effective and a sustainable way to pinpoint the exact location of the shooting events within a defined area in real-time. With law enforcers responding to more crime scenes, more evidence and information will be collected.

Trusted - transportable - targeted

CGIT was designed to perform under the harshest of conditions. It has been tested and proven on the battlefield as well as America’s most vulnerable communities.

CGIT is a TRUSTED technology.