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Welcome to the forefront of crime prevention with CGIT's FireFLY LE gunshot geolocation system. Ready to deploy and combat violent crime in your city, this transportable technology can be trusted to perform even under the harshest of conditions.

FireFLY LE swiftly pinpoints gunshot events, utilizing both TIME of arrival and ANGLE of arrival algorithms—something only FireFLY LE provides.

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Law enforcement

CGIT believes that investigations are driven by the collection and analysis of information.

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Security Application

CGIT can scale to meet the needs of the transportation hub by deploying a network of sensors in the area of coverage.

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CGIT can provide actionable leads to identify “trigger pullers”, thereby, decreasing shooting activity in that area.

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CGIT can provide grant advisory services to assist in meeting the objectives of your specific funding program.

Our technology

Trusted – Transportable - Targeted

Our sophisticated network empowers law enforcement with the capability to swiftly and accurately geolocate suspected shooting events, enabling rapid response and effective crime intervention. Our technology operates discreetly, seamlessly integrating into urban landscapes to provide comprehensive coverage without disrupting daily life. From bustling city streets to quiet neighborhoods, CGIT's sensor network stands as a silent sentinel, tirelessly working to keep our streets safe.

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Real Detectives. Real Perspectives on Crime Gun Intelligence.

Welcome to CGIT's groundbreaking video series, "Detective Perspectives" – a game-changer in the realm of crime gun intelligence and law enforcement investigation tactics. In this 12-part journey, we delve deep into the heart of investigations involving the use of firearms, shedding light on the key role of gunshot detection technology. Join us as we explore the intricate balance of people, processes, and technology, and unveil the crucial insights that can propel investigations forward.

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As law enforcement responds to an increasing number of crime scenes, CGIT technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing evidence collection and information gathering. With each incident, valuable data is captured, empowering authorities to piece together crucial details and facilitate swift and effective investigations. CGIT's commitment to accuracy, affordability, and sustainability ensures that law enforcement agencies have the tools they need to combat gun violence efficiently and effectively. Experience the power of real-time intelligence with CGIT technology – where every moment matters in the pursuit of justice and community safety.

Trusted - transportable - targeted

Tested and proven on both the battlefield and in the heart of America's most vulnerable communities, CGIT stands as a beacon of reliability and effectiveness.

Whether facing the rigors of combat or addressing the complexities of urban crime, CGIT has consistently delivered results when it matters most. Trusted by military forces and law enforcement agencies alike, CGIT has earned its reputation as a reliable and indispensable tool in the fight against violence and crime.