The Need for Having an Affordable Gunshot Detection Technology for Law Enforcement

The Need

for affordable gunshot detection technology

According to a 2013 report published by the Urban Institute entitled The Hospital Costs of Firearm Assaults, the authors Embry M. Howell and Peter Abraham placed the cost for just the use of the hospitals for the victims of firearm assaults in the United States at just under $630 million. They estimated that the majority of those costs were borne by U.S. taxpayers.

Professor Jens Ludwig, Director of the University of Chicago’s Crime Lab has observed that a reduction of the costs of violent crime can be attained by investing in certain targeted crime-fighting initiatives. More specifically, the implementation of initiatives such as redeploying additional police resources in neighborhoods where crime is high or tackling the crime problems that imply the highest costs, such as gang and gun violence, can provide cost-effective benefits to society.

It is easy to see how Gunshot Detection Technology fits squarely within Professor Ludwig’s observations. The technology targets costly gun related crimes in the areas where unlawful gunfire is actually occurring and in real-time deploys police resources to the exact location.

However, existing gunshot detection technologies can be quite costly when deployed as a static or fixed system monitoring wide areas in terms of square miles. Cost is often the factor that prevents a law enforcement agency from gaining access to the technology tools it needs.

The CGIT solution provides a different path toward the goals of Professor Ludwig and those of law enforcement. The result is a cost-effective solution in terms of the:

  • technology and its ease and speed of deployment,
  • comprehensive collection of information and evidence,
  • disruption of the shooting cycle of violence and,
  • generation of crime gun intelligence linking crimes, guns and suspects.

CGIT believes that when it comes to responding to crimes of violence we must cast as wide a net as possible to ensure the comprehensive collection of information. MORE…

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