Gunshot Detection Sensor Technology & System Support

CGIT Products for law enforcement

Tools to address gun violence

The CGIT technology is an accurate, cost-effective and a sustainable way to pinpoint the exact location of the shooting events within a defined area in real-time. With law enforcers responding to more crime scenes, more evidence and information will be collected. In terms of fired cartridge cases, more will be submitted for processing through the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN) in a timely manner. The more exhibits processed through NIBIN, the greater the potential for generating actionable crime gun intelligence through the linking of crimes, guns and suspects.

CGIT’s innovative transportable gunshot detection technology when used in conjunction with a crime gun intelligence methodology based upon current best practices give police the tools they need to identify and stop criminal “trigger pullers” before they can do more harm thereby preventing more shootings and more victims.

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Outdoor/Wide-Area Gunshot Detection Sensor

Designed for coverage of large outdoor areas


Outdoor Gunshot Detection sensor designed for coverage of large outdoor areas. Through the use of smart design the transportable sensor provides ease of installation that allows for flexibility in supporting various types of law enforcement and security missions.

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CGIT System Support Agreement

Installation & technical support

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CGIT Installation Support

CGIT Engineers and Field Technicians providing law enforcement/Security entities with the required support to develop site planning and initial installation.

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CGIT Database/Web-Interface Setup

CGIT will setup the database and supporting web-interface for the law enforcement or security clients.

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Annual Sustainment Support

Annual cost of database/software maintenance and updates, data storage and 4G data service plan.

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