Supporting Timely and Sustainable Evidence and Intelligence-led Criminal Investigations for Law Enforcement

Criminal Investigations

Accurate, Cost-effective and Sustainable

Crime Gun Intelligence Technologies (CGIT) is an advanced transportable wide area outdoor gunshot detection technology. It directly supports the evidence/intelligence led efforts of law enforcement to disrupt the cycles of violence involving the criminal use of firearms.

This innovative transportable gunshot detection technology is designed to assist law enforcement in focusing resources to target the “hot-spots” of gun violence within our country’s most vulnerable communities.

The CGIT technology is an accurate, cost-effective and a sustainable way to pinpoint the exact location of the shooting events within a defined area in real-time. With law enforcers responding to more crime scenes, more evidence and information will be collected. In terms of fired cartridge cases, more will be submitted for processing through the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN) in a timely manner. The more exhibits processed through NIBIN, the greater the potential for generating actionable crime gun intelligence through the linking of crimes, guns and suspects.

The primary goal of CGIT is to provide law enforcement with an accurate and transportable gunshot detection technology that supports timely evidence/intelligence led policing efforts. This technology when used in conjunction with a crime gun intelligence methodology based upon current best practices give police the tools they need to identify and stop criminal “trigger pullers” before they can do more harm thereby preventing more shootings and more victims.


CGIT believes that when it comes to responding to crimes of violence we must cast as wide a net as possible to ensure the comprehensive collection of information. MORE…


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Our Visionary

Where extraordinary experience meets common goals

CGIT employs an exceptional group of former law enforcement and tech sector professionals dedicated to providing the public safety community with the best tools available to combat firearm-related crime. Meet our most vocal champion.

Tim Kelly, founder of CGIT

Tim Kelly

President and Co-Founder

Mr. Kelly is a co-founder of Crime Gun Intelligence Technologies (CGIT) and is responsible for its overall strategic direction and vision. He has over 26 years of Federal law enforcement experience with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) where he held numerous technical and leadership positions.