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Latest stories on CGIT

The CGIT technology is an accurate, cost-effective and sustainable way to pinpoint the exact location of the shooting events within a defined area in real-time. With law enforcers responding to more crime scenes, more evidence and information will be collected.
Future Of Gunfire Detection

ATF and Army Work Toward Future Of Gunfire Detection

By John / November 26, 2015

On Nov. 18 and 19 2015, the Denver Field Division and the Army’s research and development branch conducted the latest in a series of tests to refine the next generation of gunfiredetection technology. Called FireFly, the wireless acoustic and electro optical system has the capability to detect, analyze and triangulate the quantity and source of gunfire within its area of coverage. It functions similarly to a gunshot-detection technology called ShotSpotter deployed by the Denver Police Department in parts of the city, except for one major attribute. “The benefit of FireFly is it is mobile and rapidly deployable. Even if the violence moves around the city, outside ShotSpotter’s current coverage, we can pick up and move these mobile sensors and follow the violence,” said Group Supervisor Tim Kelly, who oversees Denver’s arson and explosives group. “It could complement ShotSpotter as part of the Crime Gun Intelligence Center’s activities.” “This type of […]

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NCS4’s National Sports Security - CGIT Demo

The Marriage of Technology and Security Begins at NCS4’s National Sports Security

By John / November 9, 2019

AS TECHNOLOGY BECOMES MORE ADVANCED and ushers in a new era of safety and security, NCS4 developed both their National Sports Security Laboratory (NSSL) and the Sports and Entertainment Technology Alliance to bolster their capabilities. “Advancing technology is pivotal in helping to keep events safe and secure,” said Dr. Lou Marciani, NCS4 Director. “The Sports and Entertainment Technology Alliance was created to foster education on current and new technologies, and promote best practices for safer and smarter schools, sport and entertainment venues and events.” The Technology Alliance is the driving force for identifying innovative safety and security solutions through integrated technology design, development, and process enhancement with respect to sport venue operations management and associated first responder capabilities. Its primary goal is to test technology against use cases and threats to propose new advanced technologies. “With safety and security capabilities top of mind with our customers around the world, Dell […]

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