Cost Reduction

Reducing the Cost of Ownership for Law Enforcement

Smarter Design

Reducing the cost of ownership

Crime Gun Intelligence Technologies (CGIT) and its partners are committed to reducing the cost of ownership for the customer while making continuous improvements to the underlying technology through smart design.

Dispatching specially trained technicians to travel hundreds of miles to a client site to install a series of sensors across an area measured in square miles or to install a system upgrade can be costly for both the company and its customers.

Less Costly Installation

The CGIT sensors have been designed to simplify their installation. They can be mounted on a light/power pole by police technicians in about 10 minutes time. Once powered on by the police technicians, the sensors automatically calibrate, geo-locate and properly orient themselves. Next they automatically search for, find and connect to the network of sensors that they will operate within.

Less Costly Re-deployments

Furthermore, the CGIT sensors are transportable, meaning that they can be readily dismounted, repositioned and powered on by police technicians to monitor a new “hotspot” of violent crime activity.

Less Costly Upgrade Process

System upgrades were also made more efficient by design. The CGIT sensors have been designed to receive upgrades electronically through remote transmission negating the need to dispatch technicians which ultimately increases the cost of ownership.

Less Costly Operation

Some Gunshot Detection Technology providers offer services to assess the Gunfire alerts that are received and confirm them. These services add to the cost of ownership. The CGIT system trains already on-board police personnel to perform this task.

CGIT believes that when it comes to responding to crimes of violence we must cast as wide a net as possible to ensure the comprehensive collection of information. MORE…

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Our Visionary

Where extraordinary experience meets common goals

CGIT employs an exceptional group of former law enforcement and tech sector professionals dedicated to providing the public safety community with the best tools available to combat firearm-related crime. Meet our most vocal champion.

Tim Kelly, founder of CGIT

Tim Kelly

President and Co-Founder

Mr. Kelly is a co-founder of Crime Gun Intelligence Technologies (CGIT) and is responsible for its overall strategic direction and vision. He has over 26 years of Federal law enforcement experience with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) where he held numerous technical and leadership positions.