Removing Violent Offenders from Our Streets

Hot Spot Policing Strategy

Identifying Trigger Pullers

A common crime reduction strategy among many police departments is “Hot Spot” policing that focuses on small geographic areas where crime is concentrated. Utilizing “Hot Spot” policing strategies, police departments can increase resources and technologies to a known geographic area with the intent of providing actionable leads to identify “trigger pullers”, thereby, decreasing shooting activity in that area.

Crime Gun Intelligence Technologies is uniquely positioned to support “Hot Spot” policing strategies due to the system’s capabilities of being highly transportable and able to scale to provide coverage to the required geographic area. This allows police departments to evaluate shooting data and pinpoint “Hot Spots” and rapidly deploy resources to disrupt the shooting cycle.

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Academic Research Partners

Developing Preventive Crime Gun Strategies

Developing a crime gun intelligence strategy that uses the most innovative front-end lead generating technology becomes imperative to ensure success in lowering gun violence. CGIT provides police departments and their academic research partners with a unique opportunity to evaluate gunshot data to ensure that law enforcement resources are being effectively used to lower gun crime rates.

All data that is collected by the Crime Gun Intelligence Technologies system is solely owned by the law enforcement agency and can be openly shared with all academic research partners.


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The CGIT technology is an accurate, cost-effective and a sustainable way to pinpoint the exact location of the shooting events within a defined area in real-time. With law enforcers responding to more crime scenes, more evidence and information will be collected.