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Addressing the problem of active shooter incidents

Government research involving active shooter situations shows that a large percentage of them began outside the school buildings, which led to the suspect breaching the school building.

Crime Gun Intelligence Technologies (CGIT) has committed itself to provide advanced outdoor gunshot detection technology to address the problem of active school shooting incidents. CGIT is willing to integrate with existing University or College campuses security technologies (i.e. video / camera systems, license plate readers (LPR) and other technologies).

The CGIT Outdoor Active Shooter system is the first line of defense during an active shooter situation. CGIT provides real-time notifications and geo-location of the event to school resource officers, local law enforcement, faculty and students, when those critical decisions need to be made in order to save and protect lives.

If your school has any questions regarding the CGIT Outdoor Active Shooter system and if it would meet your security requirements, please take the time to request a consultation.

CGIT is leading the way in the gunshot detection industry having developed a new generation of wide area outdoor gunshot detection technology that has the capability to meet the security requirements of transportation hubs. MORE…

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CGIT employs an exceptional group of former law enforcement and tech sector professionals dedicated to providing the public safety community with the best tools available to combat firearm-related crime. Meet our most vocal champion.

Tim Kelly, founder of CGIT

Tim Kelly

President and Co-Founder

Mr. Kelly is a co-founder of Crime Gun Intelligence Technologies (CGIT) and is responsible for its overall strategic direction and vision. He has over 26 years of Federal law enforcement experience with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) where he held numerous technical and leadership positions.